Below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions on the US History Bee which may be of interest to students, teachers, and parents. If you have further questions, please have a look elsewhere on the website, or contact

How does someone prepare for the United States History Bee?

Much of the preparation for the US History Bee has already been done – in your US History classroom. To succeed at the US History Bee, you will need a comprehensive knowledge of US history from the colonial period to the present-day. The US History Bee questions reflect material that one would learn about in any rigorous American history high school course, so any US History textbook or review books would be great preparation for this activity. But above all, we recommend you study from the past National Qualifying Exams and National Championships questions which are posted on our Resources page, found here.

Can someone take the National Qualifying Exam at more than one Regional event?

For the 2022-2023 competition season, students may take the National Qualifying Exam up to 3 times, as long as they take a different version of the Exam (i.e. Set A, Set B, Set C).

Can homeschoolers participate?

Yes! We actively encourage homeschoolers to participate.

Is there an age limit?

There is an upper age limit: You cannot have turned twenty (20) years of age nor graduated from the 12th grade as of the day of competition. There is no lower age limit. The Junior Varsity Division is for students in 10th grade and younger; it is not permitted for younger students to play in the Varsity Division and vice versa.

How much does it cost?

All exams will be administered either in person at Regional Competitions or online. Pre-registration for in person exams is $10 per exam plus a processing fee, and $15 on site. For online exams, registration fees can be paid either by credit card for $10 plus a processing fee, or by check for $10, while in person fees can be paid by cash or check.

The registration fee for the 2023 US History Bee National Championships is $85, though that could change.

Can I qualify for the International History Olympiad through participation in the US History Bee?

Only students who make the playoffs at the USHB National Championships qualify for the International History Olympiad through participation in the US History Bee. If students compete in the separate National History Bee or the National History Bowl, held on the same weekend at the National Championships, they only need to finish in the top 50% of either the National History Bee or the National History Bowl, so those may be easier ways to qualify for many students. See for more information.