The United States History Bee is pleased to announce its official National Median Scores for the 2015-16 National Qualifying Exams for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions:

A Set – 75
B Set – 85
C Set – 55

Junior Varsity:
A Set – 51
B Set – 64
C Set – 44.5

Any student scoring at or above these marks for their division and their version of the National Qualifying Exam on that basis, regardless of whether or not they qualified on the basis of finishing in the top half at the site where they took the exam within their division. Students who did not qualify outright, but did qualify on this basis will be contacted during the first week of March. Other students who did not qualify but might wish to try a different version of the exam will also be contacted, usually through their teacher, coach, or parent. Good luck in qualifying – so far over 60% more students have taken the National Qualifying Exam this year than last year, so we’re looking forward to our biggest and best National Championships yet on Friday, April 22 in Arlington, Virginia. Hope to see you there!