2015 USHB Varsity Nationals Results
2015 USHB Junior Varsity Nationals Results

Median National Qualifiers:

Click here to download the PDF file which shows which students qualified for the National Championships on the basis of having a higher score than the National Median Score for their division on the version of the National Qualifying Exam they took. The students in the attached file did not originally qualify, as their scores were not above the medians at the site where they took the version of the Exam that is listed for their name. Some of these students may have qualified on a different version of the NQE or at a National Qualifying Quiz Tournament site as well.

Final 2014-2015 US History Bee Official National Median Scores:

(scores on the National Qualifying Exam that equal or surpass the median within its division and version of the Exam qualify for nationals).

C Set Varsity: 43    C Set JV: 26        B Set Varsity: 58      B Set JV: 41.5       A Set Varsity: 59.5      A Set JV: 50

Regional Tournament Results: