The Official National Median Scores for the US History Bee National Qualifying Exam are now available for the B and C Set versions of the Exam for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions. These are as follows:
B Set: Varsity – 58 Junior Varsity – 41.5      C Set: Varsity – 43, Junior Varsity – 26
Emails are going out today to all the coaches or contact people for all students who qualified for Nationals on the basis of finishing above the National Median Scores in their division on their version of the Exam.
A Set Median Scores will be posted by March 16. Students who have yet to take B or C Set for the National Qualifying Exam need to finish with a score at or above the National Median in their division on their version of the Exam, or qualify by finishing in the top half of students in their division at their Exam site.
For further information, please contact: