Greetings from the United States History Bee Staff! We’re getting set for a great second year, with lots of expanded opportunities for students across the United States to participate and learn more about their country’s history while studying and competing. Among the various new things to report are a new USHB division for Junior Varsity students (i.e. 10th grade and younger). We also will be inaugurating a National Qualifying Exam to be offered during the lunch break of any high school level National History Bee and Bowl tournament. Students unable to reach a site can have a history teacher at their school or a homeschool instructor proctor the NQE for them. The NQE and the National Qualifying Quiz Tournaments, which will be held around the country from January-March 2015, will be the sole ways to qualify for the National Championships of the US History Bee.
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Thanks and best of luck competing in the US History Bee during the 2014-2015 school year!